Monday, December 23, 2013


My husband and I took Friday off, what a treat. We went to my brother's
new restaurant, IvanRamen Slurp Shop for lunch. It's so delicious and
what fun. I'm thrilled for him, If you're in NYC I recommend you go.
Our plan was to go to the Frick to see the amazing Dutch paintings, Girl
with a Pearl Earring among them but we didn't plan enough in advance and
couldn't get tickets. Instead we went out to PS1 MOMA in Queens. I hadn't
been there in so long. The show was a retrospective of Mike Kelley.
I admit I wasn't familiar with him and my first impression was not great.
There were lots of videos with screams and noise.. ughh I hated that part.
Then I saw this:

Tons of costume jewelry glued in to the canvas in an
incredible pattern. Gorgeous, we were both gasping!
and this:

Stuffed Animals all sewn together in big balloon like constellations.
It was a little disturbing because all of the animals were facing in so you
couldn't see their eyes. It is visually very incredible.
Then a long corridor of large portraits of poets and philosophers with quotes,

It was a complete turn around from our plans but I'm very glad we saw this.
The building at PS1 is also very beautiful

I'm taking the rest of the year to organize myself, spend a few days with my
son who will only be home for 5 days this holiday, and rest up.
I wish everyone a wonderful holiday and New Year!

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Jen said...

I wish you a great holiday and the best in 2014!