Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ecojot Cover Contest

Yay, I've been shortlisted for the ecojot cover contest. They make journals and cards on
recycled paper and give notebooks to impoverished kids to help them get an education
and make their way out of poverty. The theme for this cover is celebrating Earth Day.
Now it's gone to public voting so if you're on facebook would you mind giving me a vote?
The one with the most likes gets their art on a cover for a year. I'd love to win!!!
Here is a link to the vote and Thanks so much!


pve design said...

I really hope you win! Love it.

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

jennifer said...

Thanks Patricia! I came in 2nd. Which is great! Hope you had a great weekend.

jennifer said...

Thanks Skyline Spirit!

Nancie Janitz said...

Jennifer this was my fav design!! Congrats to you! xo Nancie

Nancie Janitz said...

Jennifer this was my favorite design - congrats to you!

jennifer said...

Thanks for voting for me Nancie! I really feel honored that so many people did and I did so well!