Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meditation and other things

The May Bootcamp assignment turned out to be an editorial illustration for an article
on meditation. I really enjoyed this one, and the other benefit is that I've been meditating
daily since starting this which has had a very positive effect. A little more clarity. Now to
keep it up!
I've added lots of pages to my sketchbook.. You can follow me daily @augustwren on
instagram. This project has really been amazing for me. It's been eye opening for me to
learn that I can produce like this on a daily basis, that I have the resolve to do it
everyday. The best part is that I have inspired others to start their own sketchbook,
that is the best part by far, it makes me so happy!
Here are a few recent spreads..


june at noon said...

Oh, all those "sketches" are wonderful! (I use quotes because they're far more than sketches.) Do you mind sharing what sort of sketchbook you're using? It looks like it holds the media well.

jennifer said...

Thank you June! My sketchbook is a cheap notebook from MUJI. I wanted something that I didn't feel was very precious and where I'd feel comfortable just painting.. not worrying if it was coming out OK. I use a timer for 30 minutes and just GO! ( in the past when I've used beautiful sketchbooks, I never finish them..)

Muffin said...

I love all of these! Such talent! Thanks for sharing!