Monday, August 18, 2014

Global Talent Search

I'm participating again in Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. This year the brief is
little terrariums to be used as Wall Art. I love this subject. The little worlds inside
the glass jars can be so magical and special. We have been asked not to show
our final submission until the finalists are selected which is August 26th. I can't wait,
I know all the work will be so beautiful! This painting above is my first pass at some ideas.
It is refined from here but I stuck to my first vision. It took some fiddling but I'm
happy with how it turned out and I had a fantastic time working on it! Next week I'll
show my final piece. Keep your fingers crossed for me, i'd love to make the top 50.
What a trip that would be!!


Tracey said...

Looking forward to seeing the final !x

jennifer said...

Thanks Tracey! Yours too!!

Nina said...

Ooooh, this is so exciting! I hope you make it, you totally should!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. (but only mentally, hope that's ok :) )

jennifer said...

Thank you so much Nini! You never know.. There are tons of beautiful submissions. We'll know on Tuesday. (Mental crossed fingers are awesome!)