Friday, September 19, 2014

Me and Lisa Congdon

I was away on vacation when all of this awesomeness happened. I had limited
wifi access so I just couldn't share here like I wanted to.
I saw a few weeks ago on her blog that Lisa was giving a talk in Portland about
her sketchbook, at the end of her post she wrote that if anyone had a sketchbook of
interest maybe she would mention it in her talk. I figured why not? and I sent off an email.
Well, I got a response right away and I was floored, She knew who I was and was so
complimentary about my work. What a way to feel special, she is someone who
I've followed for years and just love her work, her projects and her openness.
The next thing I knew she asked to interview me for her blog in the section called
People I Admire!!
Here is the amazing, beautiful interview. I feel so honored and humbled by all of this.

Then last night in NY she gave a talk about her work, her new book, her inspiration. It was
a great talk and very hopeful and warm.
Here we are after the talk.


Cindi Myers said...

Wow! that is so very cool!
I love and admire both of your work.

jennifer said...

Thanks Cynthia , it's cool to be associated with her, it was a surprise!

Nina said...

Oh and you got to meet each other? This is just beyond awesome! <3

leslie hart studio said...
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leslie hart studio said...

That is so awesome and I must tell you Jennifer, I love your work as well and you are so inspirational to me. I recently discovered you somehow, can't remember how but every time I see a post of yours, I just sit and dream about the next time I get to sit with my sketchbook and draw and paint! Thank you for the inspiration, it helps me get along in a busy day!

jennifer said...

Hi Nini, yes, it was very cool, I'm just humbled by it!!! She's lovely too. :)

jennifer said...

Thank you so much Leslie! Notes like this just make my day!!! Best of luck to you on your art journey! Best, Jennifer

Cindy D. said...

What a great story! I'm so glad nini reminded me to come over here and visit. :D