Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Inspiration in Chelsea, NY

I spent Sunday Gallery hopping around Chelsea. I used to live there, on 21st street before it became an amazing busy, arty, gorgeous place. 
I was really inspired by the David Hockney show at Pace Gallery. He did charcoal drawings of the emerging spring season. They capture the feel of the sun and the cold of the snow. 

He also had fabulous prints of his iPad landscapes. Wow, the colors and way he captured it all on the small screen with his finger but I didn't take a photo of those.
Then at Mary Boone Gallery there was a show of Jacob Hashimoto. An installation of thousands of small patterned squares and circles like kites hanging at all lengths from the ceiling, on the floor. There were moving shadows on the walls. You were in a magical space.

And a few pieces of 3 dimensional wall art too.
Have a great day! Jennifer


Anonymous said...

I saw the Hockney exhibition when it was here in London and felt really moved by it . He's certainly the master of pencil, paint and iPad!

Amanda Dilworth said...

I love Hockney, he's use of colour is incredible! The exhibition looks amazing, glad you had such a good time.

jennifer said...

He is! It's incredibly impressive what he can do on an iPad. The charcoal drawings are so beautiful too!

jennifer said...

I hope you get to see it at some point Amanda! It's really special.

Beta said...

Magical indeed!