Friday, January 30, 2015

Make Art That Sells Bootcamp redux

I'm participating in MATS Bootcamp again,I really like the pace of it, One new
design in 3 weeks for 6 months. The assignment this month was Edwardian
Brooches. I veered a bit from the subject but I chose to paint an Edwardian circus
with a highly decorated elephant, wearing the brooches and the spectators
watching. It started because I was dying to paint a tiger! I'm not sure this is the best
solution for a journal cover but I really like the painting... You can see the entire gallery
from lots of talented artists here.

I'm starting a newsletter.. I'm not great at updating the blog all the time so if you are
interested in signing up for updates to whats going on at Augustwren you
can sign up here or on the top right of my blog is a form...I'll only be sending it 1-2x
per month I think, so you won't be inundated I promise. Maybe if something amazing
comes up though...!


Sharon Stanley said...

just signed up...yay! i haven't taken lilla's bootcamp, but i loved the MATs class...loads of fun. i'm so glad i found your makes me smile.

jennifer said...

Thank you so much Sharon!!! I appreciate it🌸🌷