Monday, March 23, 2015

Surtex Prep

Hello! I'm going to be showing at Surtex this year for the first
time after walking it and being a buyer for years. Well, It's a whole
new ballgame. I'll be showing this year with my new collective
Cloverly which we formed this summer. It consists of the fabulous
Monika Forsberg, Lyndy Hants and Kristen Balouch. We are from all
over the place, NY, London and Melbourne Australia so just finding
a time to talk and coordinate is not an easy feat. But it's slowly coming
There is the major portion of having a large and beautiful body of work.
Then we have to design banners, the booth, the blurb book, the online flyer.
If I have time I want to make a look book and promotional stuff. It can feel
overwhelming at moments but as Annie Lamott says just take it "Bird by Bird"
Above is a little sneak preview of one of my banners.
More updates to come.


Jill McDonald Design said...

I'm sure it will all come together beautifully. You make beautiful art! I'll look forward to seeing your booth!

jennifer said...

Thanks so much Jill! How kind of you to say! I think I met you a few years ago when I was working at Group Fours booth at Printsource. Do you remember? Either way I'm looking forward to meeting you in May!

Anonymous said...

I love you work !!!! Very inspiring blog. Thank you for sharing your art.