Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Street Art Find

Last week I was visiting the Met, always so much to be inspired by.
As I was walking in my eye was caught by one of the tables set up on
the sidewalk by artists selling their work. Most of it is pretty bad, typical
city photographs in bright colors, everything else is 100% unmemorable. Except
for this...

I was with my sister and Mom and they didn't want to stop but luckily he was still
outside when I was finished seeing the China and the Sargent show. The man
who painted this was from New Delhi and he said he started learning to paint
like this when he was 10 years old. He paints with only 1 hair on his brush in certain areas.
The detail in this one just screamed out to me..

I want to go back and hear more of his story. Amazing what you can find when
you wade through the muck..

He suggested I go back in and see the 4 Van Gogh Iris and Roses , paintings that were painted to
hang together but haven't until now. I'm so glad I did, they are exquisite. If you live in NY
I highly recommend going, it closes on August 16th.

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