Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Daily Sketchbook Tips: Reference part 1

It's important to really know what an object looks like before you draw it
even if you plan to stylize or abstract it. 
When I have a bunch of flowers I've picked I love to paint them live. Or I photograph
them and paint from the photo. I try to get a photo of everything that catches my eye
for later use.

I look carefully at the light, the colors and the shape. The way the petals grow from the stem
and the way the leaves fall and then I infuse my own style while keeping the essence of the object.
I'm going to talk about reference for a few weeks. Different ways to find and use inspiration.

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iHanna said...

Love your sketches! Reference is fun collecting too, but I often forget to use the photos I take even when I snap them because they inspire me....

Judy Hartman said...

So glad you're offering these tips, Jennifer. Do you paint directly or sketch with pencil first? Love your flowers!

Emie58 said...

Love your style! Thanks for these tips.. they're very useful.

jennifer said...

Thanks! I do too sometimes but it's good to have them. Sometime when you are completely stuck!

jennifer said...

I usually do a quick pencil sketch first to get the placement right. But not very detailed. Thank you!

jennifer said...

Thank you ! Ok glad you find them helpful!!