Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I'm not complaining here, just explaining.... about not working,
not blogging, not really living.  The month of December and the
beginning of January were basically lost to Migraine... I just let
it go and tried not to stress on top of it, that just makes it worse.
The good news is that during it all I started going to acupucture
with the most amazing, intuitive, experienced woman, Dody.
I've had a week (1 week!!!! even that little seems amazing to me)
basically headache free. I did things, and saw friends, and cooked
meals, the small things seem SO special when you have chronic
pain for so long. I started drinking green juices daily, green tea
and raw veggies. getting all the toxins out.
 My head isn't there for drawing yet, but I'm trying to get there,
and trying not to worry about not being there. I'm feeling hopeful
that the bad stretch is over.....


Jen said...

Good to hear! It's astounding how a migraine can knock a person out. I could not imagine getting chronic migraines.

Amanda Dilworth said...

Hope you continue to feel better :)

Vicki Smith said...

Good luck with the acupuncture! Your New Year's illustration is adorable.

stacey said...

Sorry to hear about your migraines. I get them occasionally, but not like you do. I pray this acupuncture will help you manage them.

jennifer said...

Thank you all! I've been feeling a little better! Fewer migraines and less horrible. I can count that as a win!