Saturday, January 21, 2012


Twirl, The word reminded me of the little
ballerina music box I had as a girl, all pink
and gauzy, with a mirror behind her.The
music played and she twirled when you
opened the box. The first page of a brand
new sketchbook...
.....Monday, I just added the twirling girls,
we used to twirl around till we were so dizzy.
Now I think I'd throw up from that...It was fun


Ellen Byrne said...


Ana M.F. said...

I had a music box with a ballerina too, I used to take her out of the box and play with her and my other toys :)
Love your illustration ♥

Little Red Pony said...

I love this! whimsical!

Erin Vaganos said...


Amanda Dilworth said...

Really love the twirling girls, this would look great as a repeat pattern.

Kristyna litten said...

your characters are fab

Jen said...

These are great - it is so fun to see how two interpretations can have such different energy. I like them both!!