Friday, April 12, 2013

Faces Paint Challenge Day 12

Today a hit a big wall on this challenge. I started and stopped
many different ideas that just were not going to pan out. I
finally settled on practicing some faces. I tried some new
techniques for me, like adding the lines and I like them.
Many times when I have a big block I'll just stop for a while
and do something else but I have promised myself a painting a
day this month so I just pushed through. Better than just posting
a big dot of paint for the day.


Rita said...

I quite like them, especially the one on the top left which reminds me your "about me" paiting which I always admire. I also love the white detail lines on the black hair. You've been doing some great work lately!

jennifer said...

Thanks Rita!

poppylocke said...

These are great! I also like the white lines on the black hair in particular - has a really cool style about it