Thursday, April 11, 2013

Teacup on Shelf Painting Challenge Day 11

I'm still slow because of my migraine but it's not so bad that I'm
incapacitated, luckily. I chose to paint the stuff sitting on the shelf
above my desk. I couldn't make a bigger decision that that as far
as subject matter.But just sitting still and painting made me feel a bit
better.The random things are a big fancy antique mirror I had picked
up at a flea market, some blocks painted like houses that I got from
my Mom when they downsized to a smaller apartment, I'm always
picking up rocks that I like the shape of, a little espresso cup I picked
up in Paris once, a sea dollar I got in Vancouver on a beach I think..
when we were visiting a good friend.
The little wooden bowl is made in Kenya, I picked that up at
a fundraiser to help build a school in a small village. Oh and the can
is from Japan. It had dried seaweed in it but the can was worthy of
keeping. I'm always trying to clean up and minimalize but I see I keep
a lot of little things that have good memories.


poppylocke said...

Lovely painting of items which invoke lovely memories! Great news that you're starting to feel better :)

pve design said...

I hope that all your items and treasures bring you comfort and joy and that your migraine goes away.
You really are rocking this challenge. I am inspired to give it a whirl.

jennifer said...

Thank you both.
You should try the challenge! It's not easy doing this everyday, because of other commitments and life in general but it's satisfying.