Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring. April Paint Challenge Day 20

Today has a lot of firsts. I'm away from home, in Philly for my mother in laws birthday. So after lunch I took some time by myself and painted this. Unfortunately it's too cold to sit outside so I'm in Starbucks at a table. I've never pulled out paints in a public place before so it was intimidating, but I got over it since I was busy and everyone was ignoring me anyway. This painting is not what I hoped for but I'm posting so I accomplish my goal of a painting a day.
I also have never used blogger from my iPhone before so I hope the post looks ok. This is just a photo of the painting so the colors are all wrong, I will scan it and replace when I return...

1 comment:

poppylocke said...

That's so pretty! It must've been nice to sit there and paint and drink tea or coffee amidst all the hustle and bustle!