Friday, April 19, 2013

Wildflowers April Paint Challenge Day 19

I approached my painting a little bit differently today.
I usually start on plain white paper and sketch out what
I want to paint with pencil. Today I painted the paper
the soft teal color and with a general idea in my head
of what I wanted to do I just started painting. I put in the
vase, which has many layers. I was looking at a little herb
plant that had thyme, sage and oregano so some of the
leaves came from that. I just added the spiky ones and the
softer ones when I felt like it needed it. It was very
intuitive and I enjoyed it.


Kristin Dudish said...

I love the color combination and the delicate lines of this... Beautiful.


jennifer said...

Thanks Kristen!

poppylocke said...

I love the style of this one, with the loose linework and soft colours.. really pretty!

jennifer said...

Thanks, I'm playing with different techniques and ideas..trying to see where I can take this.