Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Candy. May Painting a Day 22

Yesterdays almond butter was so BROWN...I really needed to be
colorful today, so I dug out the ancient leftover Halloween candy that
no one touches. I don't know why we don't just throw it away, it's sort
of sticky. The props here will go straight into the garbage can. If I'm
going to splurge on sweets it's going to be a big scoop of ice cream.


poppylocke said...

Beautiful colours! I had so many sweets left over from last Halloween - we had one trick or treater..! I like how you've put yours to great use!

Sarah Melling said...

Wow...this series is turning out beautifully! I envy your discipline.

Nirzara Verulkar said...

Nicely done :)