Thursday, May 23, 2013

Eggs. May Painting a Day 23

The best eggs I've ever tasted are the ones my brother Ivan
cooks for his ramen. His new restaurant will open in NYC this
summer, IvanRamen, down on the lower east side. He already
has 2 shops in Tokyo that are out of this world, but now I don't
need to travel 13 hours to eat his food.
The eggs he cooks are the perfect texture and oh so beautiful.
I'm focusing on eggs here but everything he makes is so delicious.
Make it down there when he opens!
Bowl of Ramen from IvanRamen


dosankodebbie said...

I think I've seen his shop featured on a TV show here in Japan. And fairly recently too. How I wish I'd known he was your brother! I would have paid more attention.

jennifer said...

He's all over the TV in Japan. If you get to Tokyo, try it out.. So yummy!

pve design said...

Yum. Let's go!
I do love eggs and ramen too.

poppylocke said...

Eggs rank high in my list of favourite things - love your illustration! I have friends in Tokyo - I'll be sure to mention your brother's restaurant!