Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 4 is Wall Art

This was a great week in Lilla's class! Wall Art = tons of paint, textures,
collage. This turned out to be a really wild fun adventure. We had to make
a square piece of abstract art, with a floral element and a word or quote.
I made a huge mess, stayed up very late and woke up very early every day
to get completely involved in this. I worked on about 6 canvases at once.

This was great because whenever I felt stuck I just moved onto another
one.  I forgot to mention, we all got assigned a limited color pallet. Mine
was blue and yellow. This was amazing.. 1 because it was incredibly
focusing, 2 because I used colors I an not accustomed to working with.
I think I will self impose this type of restriction on myself more often.

I went through all sorts of stages, hating them, liking and sometimes
loving them... I finally submitted the top one, Sunshine. I painted all the
textures and then scanned them and I put it together in photoshop. I felt it
popped the most and would look good an a thumbnail. I'm very happy
with it and plan to work like this more. I really got into the painting and
collaging and love the the magical atmosphere of Dream. I know I have
lots of playing time ahead of me!
Here are a few more that I'm working on. Lots of layers to go!

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poppylocke said...

Oh wow, these are amazing! This is definitely another feather in your art cap! (If that even makes sense :)
I would happily hang all of these on my wall - they're beautiful. There is something about that blue flower on the yellow background that makes me smile. Do more!! :D