Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 5 Lilla's Class

WOW.. This week was so intense in the Lilla's class. I was totally thrown
for a loop at the beginning of the week. We had to go around and find
stuff that we love and collect. I had so much stuff: vintage buttons, spoons,
cool pottery and vases, wooden animals, flowers, tea etc. I floundered with too
much and what to paint or photograph. Then we got the assignment and
had to create a hyper lush zipper pouch. Maybe using photos or drawings
of what we collected..Yikes. I hated the stuff I worked on at first. It made
me angry and sad instead of happy. Looking back on them now I think they
are sort of fun, but they really aren't me or what I want to be doing.
Like this:

So I ditched the whole project and started to concentrate on my large
collection of old photos. I love drawing faces and then it just all came
together. I couldn't wait to be in the studio, What a difference to LOVE
what you are doing! I added tons of doodads from my collections, also
bits of paintings from previous weeks work, like a mushroom and a snail.
I learned so much in this class. Can't wait until October for Part B!
Here's the final as I submitted it.