Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Global Talent Search

The last 2 weeks I've been so absorbed in my entry to
the #globaltalent search. We had to design a 5x7"journal
cover with the theme vintage playground and the word
journal in there. The winner gets 2 years representation
by the amazing Lilla Rogers and a whole slew of licensing
deals. It's stiff competition, I've seen lots of the entry's and
there is some really  amazing work out there. I don't know how
many entrants but it could be thousands.. I would drop dead with joy
if I won, but right now I'd be blown over by just making the
the first cut which is the top 50 pieces. It's a long shot but if
you don't try you can't win...
I played with a few versions before I landed with the chalkboard
version which I submitted..
I started with pencil sketches, I knew I wanted to paint the icons
goauche and play with them in photoshop. I began designing a scene
but I just wasn't happy with it, It felt fussy and somewhat off.
especially as I added more icons.

Looking back now, I could have stopped here on the
scenic one but I was set on having the moms on the bench
in there and it just didn't work well with this layout.

I put this little sketch on the submission page. I remember my son doing this!
I'm looking forward to August 1st when we see the final 50!


pve design said...

Love knowing all the talent that abounds and wishing you lots of luck and success from this.
Love your work and your tenacity.

Julie said...

I think you have a great chance of winning! Your painting style, color and concepts are wonderful and your handlettering amazing as well - all seems a good fit with the other artists Lilla represents! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
:) Julie

mama bleu said...

Your designs are so sweet. Best of luck!!

jennifer said...

Thanks Patricia! There is so much talent and its inspiring!

jennifer said...

Thank Julie! I hope some people from MATS get into this round!

jennifer said...

Thanks So much!!!

suzi poland said...

Love your illustrations, you are multi talented when it comes to working in different mediums, I really wish you luck.

TJ Lubrano said...

Hello! Your final piece is SO amazing! Many details, but it all fits and blends perfectly. Love reading about the process! I just published my process and final piece as well. I've seen a lot of great pieces (like yours!) and no clue if I make the top 50, but like you said...you never know until you try!!

Lots of luck to you!!

(I used to have a blogspot, but now I'm over at tjlubrano.com ^_^ )