Monday, November 11, 2013

Folk Paper

Make Art That Sells class ended with a big party this week. We designed
paper plates and napkins influenced by Bavarian Folk Art. The complete and
total gorgeousness that came in from my classmates was astounding. This class
was so much more than I could have ever expected. 10 weeks of incredible
assignments that pushed my limits every time, helped me see, learn and to find
joy. I learned what I love to do best. The class was full of so many likeminded
talented, supportive, interesting artists who I now call friends. I so hope there
is a Part C sometime soon. I thank Lilla Rogers and Beth Kempton for making
this happen.

My project for this week was a bit about finding out how to bring my ideas and
focus to a place outside my studio. I was visiting my Mom in Florida so I had
limited supplies and time. Watercolor where I usually use gouache. The difference
between now and the time before MATS is that I was able to do this quickly,
happily and without extreme stress and uncertainty. Using the tools we learned,
minis, icons, color choices and joy I just did it. It's not the best thing I ever
created due to the restrictions but I am so happy I have grown so much during
this course. Here is the final, I'll miss the weekly assignments.


Purple Flowers said...

Hi Jennifer: I absolutely love your folk art drawings. I have tried to draw two of them, and they didn't come out too bad. :o)
I want to try drawing on Christmas cookies, and the folk art is perfect. Thanks so much for this wonderful post. Your talent is beautiful!

jennifer said...

Thank you Purple Flowers! They would look great on Christmas cookies, good idea.

Bethany said...

I really, really like this! Your style lends itself easily to folk art motifs.