Monday, November 4, 2013

Map of my Village

This week in Make Art That Sells class we had to design a map
of our city or village. (It's editorial week) I have wanted to do this
for such a long time but it really seemed daunting to me. I tried before
and just didn't get it together. So the good thing is that I've been
thinking about what I wanted it to look like forever!
I live in the village of Irvington NY which is a little ways up the
Hudson River. It's a quaint little town and so pretty. Our village was
just named to be a NYS historic district, soon we will be a national historic
town. I concentrated on the downtown village area, the beautiful old buildings
and some of the shops concentrated on Main Street.
Irvington was named after Washington Irving who lived here in the mid 1800's.
You can see the Rip Van Winkle sculpture.. Louis Comfort Tiffany also
lived here and in Town Hall is a reading room designed by him and the library
has Tiffany lamps. The Cosmo building is really called the Trent building
but it's where Cosmopolitan magazine was started. The building was designed
by Stanford White. There are cool factory building down by the river and
Eileen Fisher has her main business down there.
The other artists in the class made some amazing maps and it was
so much fun to see where everyone lives, all around the world and
to see how they all interpreted their homes. Love it!!
Here are 2 of my initial sketches.

sketch 1

sketch 2


Sarah Melling said...

What a charming map of your town! I hope that you show it to your local vendors!

pve design said...

Irvington is as darling as your artwork.

Bethany said...

This is so charming and so professional-- you are so good!