Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This is a page from my Daily Sketchbook. My restrictions for
these paintings are that I do 1 a day and I limit my time to 30 minutes
and under... This is a page of succulents, I've wanted to start a
succulent garden for a long time..I love the forms. My sketchbook
is also a place where I can experiment with other techniques, not worry
if it doesn't come out "good", I'm trying to find new ways of painting
that I love. When I first did this one I thought it just looked rushed and
very messy but the more I look at it I realize that I achieved a kind
of magical environment that I've been trying to accomplish.
By working daily like this some fun ideas start to emerge..

Here is my very messy desk..

This is my sketchbook. I can't wait until its a full fan of painted pages..
I'm using a book that's really not made for painting.. the paper is very thin,
it buckles and tears through if it gets too wet. I chose it because sometimes
if the sketchbook is too nice it becomes too precious. I don't want to worry
about mistakes or mess with this project. It is from the Japanese store MUJI,
It's really cheap and has lots of pages. You can see the whole series on my website
in the sketchbook section. I Also put them on instagram daily.


Purple Flowers said...

Hi Jennifer: I hope succulents grow in the northeast. I have a couple of them in my outside garden. Will let you know come springtime. I think they are going to make it.
Love your artwork. I have one of your pieces hanging in my home!

jennifer said...

Thanks Purple Flowers! I will try this spring.. I guess i can put them in a pot and bring them in for the winter. And Thanks so much! I'm happy you are enjoying the piece.

Anika Starmer said...

I am loving your project! I also like your idea about using a sketchbook that's not precious. Definitely helps get over the hurdle of "this has to be perfect"! Thanks for sharing this on the MATS facebook page. Really happy to see your wonderful work. :)

Bethany said...

You made me realize that a lot of times I expect whatever I paint or draw, to end up being a finished, perfect piece of art. Instead, it's great to let yourself explore without judgement so that you really can start to see new patterns and themes, etc., come out of what you've done. I really love succulents too (I have 5 right here!) and your painting has some great patterns going on!

Brandi said...

Your are so talented. I love your paintings. So glad to see you have an Etsy shop too. Popping over for a look!

Nina said...

I love your project and the commitment. I can't believe these beautiful paintings were done in 30 minutes or even less! And you idea about using non-special sketchbooks is certainly a very good one. I recently discovered altered books and I must say I find them to be a perfect thing to draw in too, plus you can have hard covers which is always good.

I started following your Instagram to enjoy your daily goodness. Thank you! :)