Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm back at Make Art That Sells. This time it's bootcamp where we get an
assignment each month. This is perfect because it gives time to do other
things as well as really dig deep into it. The first month we have Cuckoo Clocks!
My grandparents had one in there home when I was a little girl and I remember
being enthralled by it. It was so magical with the little bird popping out and
making that pretty sound. I haven't thought of them since.
It turns out we have to design a cell phone cover using a cuckoo clock. I need
to start sketching..
I've also been continuing my sketchbook paintings a day...

Here are a few florals, The right one inspired by Downton Abbey, that
beautiful shot at the beginning. You can see them all at my website.


Purple Flowers said...

I love your artwork! My family had a cuckoo clock when I was a little girl. I use to stare at it and wait for the little bird to come out of its little house. Best wishes on all the terrific artwork you are about to create. :)

Carla said...

They are beautiful, Jennifer. I'm inspired by your daily sketchbook!

Bethany said...

I grew up with a cuckoo clock in the house (my father was from Germany) and I have a soft spot for them. I really love your illustration of them! And I'm a Downton fan so I like anything you do from that show!