Monday, April 7, 2014

Catching Up

I've painfully neglected my blog here lately so I'm making a commitment today to post
at least 2 times per week if not more. (Now I have to!)
I seem to be an ecourse junkie, I signed up for another round of Lilla Rogers Make Art
That Sells class. I thought at first no way, I don't have time, but isn't it amazing that the
more there is to do, the more you can get done. Week one was Bolt fabric, Tropical Fruits
and Vintage Pyrex. I have some ideas to expand upon the white ground coordinate but first
I'm onto week 2, Mini Succulents, my favorite!!
Here Is another version of the assignment.

I also signed up to do MatiRose's Daring Adventures in Paint again. I love the structure
of the class, I learn more each time and I get so much done. I just finished this painting
which is now hanging in the Preview Show exhibit for the studio tour which will be
happening at the end of April.

Off to work, I'll be back in a few days!


Carla said...

Oh lovely! How's it doing the course the second time round? I'm doing it now too; it's inspiring and at times overwhelming. I'll keep an eye out for your succulents :)

Purple Flowers said...

I love all your artwork, however, the painting is my favorite. It's so colorful and has a lot of depth to it. So GREAT!! Enjoy your classes.

jennifer said...

Thanks so much Carla! I'll look for you too. I'm enjoying it and don't feel quite as overwhelmed this time around. Just trying to do what I do best.

jennifer said...

Purple Flowers, You are so nice! Thanks about the painting, I'm about to get some more going today.

pve design said...

Always fun catching up here and in person. Good to share with one another our fears as artists, fears as bloggers and Mothers. I guess we always feel there is something we are "neglecting"- if only we were battery operated. We are human after all.

Love that happy colorful painting of yours. Maybe sharing an inch of it over a month would be fun and take the pressure off of feeling of being "overwhelmed." I get it. I feel it too.

Susan said...

gorgeous !!!