Friday, June 20, 2014


Summer is here and I'm happily growing herbs in the garden and even happier to be using them 
in some fresh delicious food. I've been painting herb markers on rocks for the last few years, 
I have a thing about collecting rocks and painting is my love so these are right up my alley. 
Here is how I do them:

1. It's best to find rocks that are fairly smooth, in texture and color. River rocks are great.
2. Clean them with soap and water so there is no dirt left, and wait till they are dry.
3. Gather your materials. I use White Acrylic Ink by Daler Rowney, a thin brush with 
a good point. A white Stabilo pencil, some tracing paper, a gel pen, a ruler and your rocks.

I usually do these by eye but it's a good idea to draw out your design first so you aren't 
unsure of what to do half way through. I make all the letters in capitals and keep them 
the same height. It looks cute that way. Don't worry about being perfect, when they are 
off and a little wobbly it gives them character.
3. For practice you could take a ruler and make 2 parallel lines about 3/4" apart and 
do a practice alphabet.

4. Trace the outline of your rock so you have the general size of it. 
5. Write the name of the herb you are using in the middle of the rock.
6. Draw your design around the word. A circle and then scallops, vines, little flowers.

7. I haven't found a great way to transfer the actual design onto the rock, but now 
you have a clear idea of where to place your drawing.
8. Take the white Stabilo pen and very lightly draw the word and just the circle or 
stem of the design. It's better not to draw it all on there because it starts to look heavy with it.

9. Pour a bit of the ink out onto a pallet or even on leftover tracing paper. It's good 
to load your brush with ink but first paint some lines on a piece of paper until you are 
getting a smooth line that isn't blobby.
10. Paint the word, then the circle or vines and finally the details, following the design 
you drew earlier.

11. When ink is dry it's best to spray rock with a clear sealer. Krylon works well.
Your rocks will be in the dirt, water and sun and this way they will last for the summer!

I also make inspirational rocks.. They make a nice gift! Enjoy!


june at noon said...

I just painted some rocks for a little girl who is a nature lover. (I put butterflies and flowers on them.) I didn't have time for mistakes this time, so instead of paint and brush I used a Sharpie paint pen, which worked really well. I've just taken photos so I can write a blog post about it soon! :)

jennifer said...

I will try that out! It would be much easier!

Anonymous said...

I will try this out. Looks like fun!

Kerry Meyer said...

These are Wonderful Jennifer! -Kerry Meyer

pve design said...

Love your tutorial. Love the rocks you painted for me.