Tuesday, June 24, 2014


This month in Bootcamp was Nautical for Wall Art month, To be completely honest I was sort of
stumped by the theme. It's just not my thing.. and when I think of wall art that I would
purchase it wouldn't be nautical.. 100% no. So I did lots of paintings that I hated. The one
above looks sort of old, for a dusty old house with bats in the attic that you rent for a week
on Cape Cod. (I've rented that house before)

I went a little younger here, but still it's off to me, Still good for that house.I actually have
ideas on what to do for nautical if it was a greeting card or book illustration, but I let the
fact that this was supposed to be for wall art get to me... Oh well. I ended up submitting a
cool looking sailor, but can't really imagine that going on someones wall either.. I will revisit
nautical when my head is in the right place. On another note, there is amazing work in the
Bootcamp Gallery from all my classmates. Here


Maite Oz said...

I love your work soooo much! I always see whats going on on your sketchbook project. Really inspiring for me.

jennifer said...

Thank you Maite!

pve design said...

Love your nautical spin. Enjoy your time on the cape!