Sunday, September 14, 2014

Global Talent Search Round 2!

I woke up that Tuesday morning a few weeks ago to see that I made the top 50 of
999 amazing artists in Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search! Wow...I'm in a group of outstanding artists!
The assignment for this round was to create a personified animal character for a young child's t shirt.
Uh Oh, this isn't the thing that I normally do or am the most comfortable with. I had lots of ideas and only
2 1/2 days to do it in before I left for a vacation with my Mom. I started right away just quickly
painting a few ideas.

It seemed like a good start so I started playing putting them into t shirt shapes to see how they would look.

Hmm, looking back now If I had more time I would have explored these options more.
I may have tightened up a bit too much because of time constraints. But at the time I really
wanted to show great deal of detail and thought on the animals face and gestures. You know
its so easy to 2nd guess yourself in a high fraught competition like this. (and in my experience in
a real life situation, a job, there is feedback on sketches from the art director so its not so blindly
done, so this is extra hairy!)  On the final version I wanted to show the lioness in a different position
so she is playing guitar on a vintage tin lunchbox and I also wanted to show a cute little girl wearing
the shirt. It would knock my socks off to get into the next round of 6 finalists but if not I've learned
so much and come such a long way that I'm going to be happy either way. (after a good cry!!)
Best xoxo Jennifer


Jodi Wiley said...

Congratulations. What an incredible achievement to get this far. I love your work and I have my fingers crossed for you!

jennifer said...

Thank you Jodi! So nice to have the support!!

Melissa said...

Congratulations! Love your work and love seeing your daily sketches. :)

jennifer said...

Thank you so much Melissa!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

Congrats and beautiful work. :)

jennifer said...

Thank you Erica!

deborah said...

i'm not a child, but i would love to wear a t shirt like this!