Thursday, September 18, 2014

Next Steps...

I didn't make the final 6 for the global talent search. Of course I'm disappointed but it was really a long shot.
And I wasn't able to put my all into round 2 as I explained in my last post. I guess it was
a bit too ordinary. But I've learned that I grow and learn so much from each setback. I'm picking
myself up and moving on.
I did put my t shirt design into society 6, I needed to see how it would really look on a little T!

It looks cute, huh?  If you want it or a print the link is here.
So, I have lots to look forward to, a secret I will be talking about soon, Finishing up the cookbook,
and a whole lot of designing. I'll be posting here again soon!
Thanks for all the support during the GTS.


Carla said...

I think it looks LOVELY. These competitions are hard, aren't they. That's why I don't do them very often, I find it all too overwhelming. Your work is beautiful and hopefully you know that :)

jennifer said...

Thanks so much, Carla. I agree about competitions, very difficult. This one was good to try for though. Now I just make new work which is the plan anyway.

Anonymous said...

What a great attitude to have and BTW I don't think your work is ordinary :) I love it :))