Saturday, February 28, 2015

Going with my Gut

I started this years sketchbook with the grand plan to use a much bigger 
sketchbook. 9x11".  I thought it would give me the chance to experiment 
with new techniques and I would have to loosen up more to fit a painting 
in more space in 30 minutes. It did do those things.. But I felt stressed and 
that isn't the point of this project at all. After a month and a half I finally gave 
myself permission to go back to a smaller book, 5x8". 

I could have increased my time limit, it is my project after all. But I have 
lots of other work,  paid work, other personal projects, getting ready for 
Surtex, living my life. It's hard to admit I can't handle what I set out to do 
but life is about making the compromises that make me happy. I am so 
much happier painting the sketchbook at this size. I can do larger paintings 
at other times. 
My moral is to go with your gut and do what makes you happy!


Nina said...

Amen to all you wrote!

Sharon Stanley said...

your work would look great in 9x12, 5x8, or 2x2, it's just delightful to see it in any size sketchbook! good decision.

jennifer said...

It's funny.. Now that I'm back on the small one I miss the bigger sketchbook!

jennifer said...

Thank you so much Sharon! You're sweet!

Suzi Ish said...

Nothing worse than a big bit of paper and only half an hour ! Be kind to yourself :)