Sunday, March 8, 2015

Today's Thoughts

I've had a hard time coming back here to write my blog.
I admit that as much as I love to paint and draw and create art, 
writing scares me. I never know what to say, I think I'll say it 
wrong and be uncomfortable. So starting now I'm going to plan 
to come and show something a few times per week. 
There may not be too many words but there will be something.
Today will be a list of what's on my mind right now..

I'm starting to play more with hand lettering which is an area 
that intimidates me a bit. 

This little guy of mine is turning 21 on Monday. I'm happy and teary at the same time.
He's in Italy for the semester so I won't see him until mid May when we meet him in Spain!

I finally got an advance copy of Sitting in Bars with Cake. It's incredible
to hold it as a finished book. Its due out on April 7th. For Real!

That's it for today, be back in a few days!!


linda said...

I can totally relate to your feelings of not knowing exactly what to right... it can definitely feel awkward - like, who am I talking to?! Haha... Love following you on instagram and see all the beautiful artwork, I found you through all the MATS classes! BTW, I'm American, but live in Italy! Looking forward to following you on the blog!

jennifer said...

Thanks so much Linda! Luck you living in Italy, my favorite place. I've been all over Italy many times, that's why we are going to Spain in May, we haven't been there so what a great opportunity. Thanks for following along, now I have to post!!