Saturday, April 23, 2011


circa 1977


For ever..(I actually don't know how long it's been) RISD requires students who are applying to do
3 supplemental drawings to their portfolio..One
of them has always been a bicycle. I came across this old polaroid, faded, dusty and yellowed of my submission. You can tell from the style of bike this is very dated.. I remember setting it up in my front hall and spending days drawing!
The color drawing below is a detail from last weeks word "journey".
I happened to have had a bicycle in there too. You can see the full drawing in the post below.
So 34 years apart, I still draw crooked wheels!!
.....and I was admitted to RISD.


Jen said...

Nothing wrong with crooked! Hehe.

(well unless you intend on actually riding the bicycle, I suppose.)

Have a good weekend!

Susan Robinson said...

You inspired me to dig out my old RISD bicycle drawing... and my wheels are crooked too! Maybe that's why they chose us :)
Great illustrations!

Vicki Smith said...

It's interesting to see the two pieces of art together. They are both very nice!

Amanda Dilworth said...

Really lovely colours and textures